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VERICUT V8.2 features seamless access to Sandvik Coromant CoroPlus® ToolLibrary

CGTech, developer of the world’s leading independent CNC verification, simulation and optimisation software, VERICUT, has announced that its latest release, Version 8.2, will include a seamless interface with the Sandvik Coromant CoroPlus® ToolLibrary. Making it easy for customers to work with Sandvik Coromant tools.

VERICUT accurately simulates all aspects of the CNC machining process to identify errors in the NC programs, such as collisions, over-travel, gouges and so on. Using VERICUT, manufacturers can verify the NC program before it is transferred to the machine tool, reducing or eliminating the need for the time-consuming manual prove-out process and minimising material costs. Ultimately improving the efficiency of the business.

Accuracy and efficiency are the two key words. Because users can create digital tool assemblies within CoroPlus® ToolLibrary that can be subsequently imported directly to VERICUT, significant time savings can be achieved. “We believe users can reduce the time needed to create a typical tool list by around 50 per cent, with the added benefit of knowing that the tools will be an exact digital representation of the physical tool and completely error free,” says Managing Director, Tony Shrewsbury. “All of which can only add up to further gains in efficiency when using VERICUT.”Web-based version can including pricing and availability

CoroPlus® ToolLibrary is a digital tool library that removes the need for users to browse catalogues and webpages to find the required tool data. Featuring equivalent functionality, CoroPlus® ToolLibrary is available online as a web-based application, and offline for companies where security prohibits engineers from accessing the internet.

The database is ‘open’ to all other tools from any supplier that conform to ISO13399. CoroPlus® ToolLibrary is developed to support Industry 4.0, allowing users to import tool assemblies directly into VERICUT with access to tool catalogues containing perfect STEP format digital representations of the physical tools. So, the planning of machining operations using the exact dimensions and models of the tools enables accurate CAM programming and simulation, reducing the risk of collisions during machining. While the machining process parameters, such as spindle speed, depth of cut, step-over and feedrate per tooth, help improve efficiency for the CAD/CAM programmer by using Sandvik Coromant renowned machining expertise and knowledgebase will soon be available from the Sandvik Coromant ToolGuide.Detailed Sandvik Coromant tool assemblies imported into VERICUT with cutting data

Tony Shrewsbury explains: “Tools imported using CoroPlus® ToolLibrary are not just dumb CAD models, there is an exceptional depth to the useful data transferred ‘behind the scenes’, making verification and optimisation in VERICUT that much more efficient. And, removing or reducing the data input required by the CAD/CAM department minimises the risks of error. When you are compiling a tool list for a machining centre with upwards of 240 tools in an ATC it is not difficult to imagine a point being misplaced or the wrong value being entered. Also, there is the considerable time savings gained by eliminating the need to search catalogues and other sources for references and cutting data. With the extra reassurance that different tool items will always fit together correctly.”Detailed Sandvik Coromant tool assemblies imported into VERICUT with cutting data

Users can find the tool simply by inputting the tool ordering code or using filter commands. The finished assemblies are then imported to VERICUT for simulation. “Selecting the right combination of tool holder, tool body and inserts is simplified and expedited using CoroPlus® ToolLibrary,” says Pernilla Lindberg, Sandvik Coromant Product Manager for CoroPlus® ToolLibrary. “Giving the customers the possibility to easily work with our tools and accurate data for simulation in VERICUT is a good example where ‘one plus one equals three’. This co-operation enables manufacturers cutting metal in any industry sector to increase the efficiency of their business.”

Link: www.sandvik.coromant.com/toollibrary

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CGTech’s VERICUT® software is the standard for CNC simulation, verification, optimisation, analysis, and additive manufacturing. CGTech also offers programming and simulation software for composites automated fiber-placement, tape-laying, and drilling/fastening CNC machines. VERICUT software is used by companies of different sizes in all industries. Established in 1988, and headquartered in Irvine, California; CGTech has an extensive network of offices and resellers throughout the world. For more information, visit the CGTech website at www.cgtech.co.uk, call +44 (0)1273 773538, or email info.uk@cgtech.com.

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• (STL3.jpg and STL4.jpg) Detailed Sandvik Coromant tool assemblies imported into VERICUT with cutting data